Thing 7a: Building a blog reading “habit,” slowly but surely . . .

I’ve found Google Reader to be a wonderful tool to consolidate and streamline my blog reading. That said, it’s still easy to let things pile up. As blogger Will Richardson says, though, “I don’t have enough time in the day” is the wrong answer. I love his concrete tips to managing an on-line reading habit. On a personal level, I need to work out a streamlined approach to getting the information I need from the best possible people out there.  Several of the blogs I initially signed up for have proven to be less useful than I had hoped so I have pruned and adjusted my settings accordingly. Useful blogs seem to fall into one of two categories for me.

1. Visionary authors who pull meaning together form disparate places, and

2. People who deftly select links of value and identify practical and helpful tools that I can use myself or pass along to others.

Peter Gow’s New Progressive blog would be an example of the former and Teachpaperless an example of the latter out of the blogs I’ve recently been following. Less helpful are long-winded discussions with little substance or extended compendiums of links of dubious real value. The trick for me will be to identify a suitable collection of inspirational and useful authors to read so that I can efficiently scan their work during a busy week.

2 thoughts on “Thing 7a: Building a blog reading “habit,” slowly but surely . . .

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